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Top 10 hidden features of WhatsApp Beta newer version

WhatsApp is rolling out new features which have been very helpful for its users. These features have been proven to be very useful for WhatsApp Beta users. So let us begin with these hidden features of WhatsApp Beta's newer features.

Top 10 hidden features of WhatsApp Beta newer version


1. Sending disappearing images or videos: 

WhatsApp has recently introduced the feature of sending disappearing images and videos. These images and videos can only be seen once. The images and videos could be seen once by the recipient.


2. Search: 

This is a useful feature.This feature allows a user to quickly find resources within the application. You could find images, videos, chats, and other such details. On iOS and Android, you can use the search bar to find the best option for you.


3. Web or Desktop Use: 

WhatsApp introduced this feature about two years ago. However, some WhatsApp users are unaware of this feature. WhatsApp users could connect their accounts to their computers or web browsers. This feature is very helpful for desktop and PC users. 


4. Storage and Data Feature:

 You will find this feature very useful as it is a helpful feature for WhatsApp users. It would be helpful to delete items and any copies of images, videos, messages, GIFS, and stickers from certain chats. Those pictures and videos that slow down the mobile performance could be simply deleted from the phones through this helpful feature. These messages could be deleted from the specific chat or from the groups. 


5. Clear Big or Small files:

 Through this feature, we could clear review, storage, or delete items to clear data. This helps WhatsApp users manage the storage of mobile devices. In this way, you can manage the data from your mobile device.


6. Review and delete feature: 

To use the review and delete feature, go to the 5 Megabyte tab or the forward multiple times tab and select the item you want to delete.



7. Save on Data Allowance:

 If your data allowance is limited, this feature can help you a lot. You have the option of allowing or disallowing downloads of images and other data. You can disallow the data to be downloaded.


8. Understand your data usage: 

If you are concerned about your device's data usage. So this feature would be very helpful to you. You can get the complete details of the data usage on your mobile phone. So, if you use mobile data, this feature may be ideal for you.


9. Customize Your Wallpaper: 

You can now customise your WhatsApp wallpaper for each chat. Alternatively, you could use the same wallpaper for all of your chats. This WhatsApp feature is very helpful for you to customise your WhatsApp chats.


10: Transfer IOS chat to Android:

 If you have moved to Android devices from the iPhone, So it would be very helpful for you to move your entire IOS chat to your Android devices. So it would be very helpful for you to convert your chats and data now.


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We had tried to provide you all with the best information about the new features rolled out in the newer WhatsApp Beta version.


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