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Top 10 Features Coming to WhatsApp Soon in 2022

 In the latest updates of the WhatsApp Beta version, many new features were introduced. These features in the latest updates were very helpful for WhatsApp Beta version users. But WhatsApp has not announced about much of these features but we thought that these updates may be rolled out in the new updates. So get started and update your WhatsApp to get these features soon.

Top 10 Features Coming to WhatsApp Soon in 2022

1. Pause and Play Voice Recordings:

Now WhatsApp users will become able to pause and play their voice recordings. If you are sending a voice message and if someone interrupts you so after this feature you will be able to pause your voice recording and after which you can further record your voice message and send it to anyone you want. I think that this feature would prove to be very helpful for WhatsApp Beta version users.

2. Export Backups now:

Google Drive backups are not the latest facility for making backups of files and folders. This would be helpful to us to make backups of our WhatsApp data to a new phone easily as users can easily download cloud backups on the new Andriod or IOS device. Whereas, it would be a helpful and useful feature for the users to make backups of the chats and files.

3. Group Polling Feature:

Group polling features have been in the rumor for a lot of years. But, sadly the feature is still in the process. Whereas, there are not any official announcements about this update. However, the polls feature would make group decisions a lot easier and more helpful than before.

4. Hide Online Status:

The feature to hide online activity from WhatsApp is the most awaited feature for WhatsApp users. As this feature will be very helpful for WhatsApp users to hide their online status from contacts based on their preferences. You will be able to either show your status to everyone or just to one of the people of your contact.

5. Edit Text Messages Button:

It is been thought that in the new versions of WhatsApp version the users will become able to edit their text messages. As the name describes that this will let the users edit the text messages even if you had sent them to the person, similar to Discord and Telegram. It is not clear whether this option would be available for users for a limited time or for unlimited time. So wait for this update.

6. New Messages Reaction By Emojis:

Recently WhatsApp launched a new messages reaction feature by emojis. Which is very useful for WhatsApp Andriod and IOS users. It is similar to the messages creation feature in Facebook Messenger and Instagram. But I hope that WhatsApp should launch an emoji customization option for WhatsApp users.

7. Move your Chats to iOS:

We were able to move WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android phones at the start of the year 2022. This feature was started with the Samsung Andriod phones only, but now we can move our chats from iOS to other Andriod phones running with the Andriod 12 and other latest versions. Soon we will be able to move our chats from Andriod to iOS.

We hope that this feature will work for both Andriod and iOS users. As I think it will prove very helpful for WhatsApp users.

8. Cover Photo in WhatApp Business:

I am hoping that WhatsApp users will be able to create their profiles similar to Facebook and Twitter through their cover photo which is similar to the banner on the Youtube channel. This will be helpful for the advertisement of the Business and have a good impression on the customer.

9. WhatsApp Premium:

WhatsApp Premium is another feature that has been under development by WhatsApp for a long time. It is actually under development for WhatsApp Business users and will unlock extra features for paying customers like the ability to add 10 linked devices and rename them, create coustom links for customers, and many more.

10. Mute Specific People in Group Calls:

It is been thought that in the newer update of WhatsApp the feature to mute specific people in group calls. As it will be very helpful for the user to mute some specific people in the group calls. It is thought that this update will also let you message specific people directly from the call menu. So wait for this update.


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