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World's best Insurance companies | Top 8 Life Insurance company

 World's best Insurance companies:

Are you all also searching for the world's best and the biggest insurance companies in the world. So you all are at the right place where you can get the best in formations about the best insurance companies. These best insurance companies provide the best Life insurance, Health insurance, Accident insurance, and other insurance plans. So get into them and get the best for you.

World's best Insurance companies

The world's best Insurance companies are the following:

  1. United Health Group Incorporated
  2. AIA Group Limited
  3. American International Group
  4. China Life Insurance
  5. Metlife Insurance
  6. Prudential Financial
  7. Allianz SE
  8. Axa S.A

The detailed list is given below:

United Health Group Incorporated:

United Health Group Incorporated is an American health care insurance company. It is the largest health care company in the world. Its revenue is more the 200 Billion dollars and has hundred and fifty million customers. United Health Group Incorporated is the optimum and best insurance company for health facilities. United Health Group Incorporated insurance company provides its services in more than 150 countries worldwide. The headquarters of the united health group is in the United States. United Health Group Incorporated is serving people and providing them with health facilities.

AIA Group Limited:

AIA Group Limited was founded in 1919 in China. AIA Group Limited is the largest financial insurance company. Serving a lot of people by providing them financial helps to start up their business. AIA Group Limited is a specialized life insurance and financial insurance company. In December 2018 AIA Group Limited has assets of more than 230 Billion dollars.

American International Group:

American International Group has offices in 80 different companies. American International Group was founded in Shangai, China in December 1919. American International Group works in three categories that are in general insurance, personal insurance, and financial insurance. This company has worked and served a lot of the people who had started their businesses. AIG provides term, whole, and universal life insurance to their customers. AIG operates in Turkey, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, and somehow also operates in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, etc.

China Life Insurance:

China Life Insurance provides life and health insurance facilities in China. It is one of the main and best life and health insurance companies in China. China Life Insurance Company was founded in 1949. It was first named PICC and in 1999 it was renamed China Life Insurance Company. China Life Insurance Company has total assets of more than 362 Billion Dollars. It is the best state-owned financial insurance enterprise. It also provides the following insurance facilities: Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Accident Insurance, and Other Insurances. China Life Insurance also provides pension plans and programs.

Metlife Insurance:

Metlife Insurance company also named Metropolitan Life Insurance Company was started on March 24, 1868. It is also one of the best Insurance companies providing a lot of Insurance plans to its customers. Metlife Insurance Company has total assets of about 759 Billion dollars and has a net income of about 7 billion dollars.

Axa S.A:

Axa S.A was founded in 1816. Axa S.A is the world's top insurance plan-providing company. Axa S.A is a French multinational insurance company. Its head office is in Paris, France. Axa S.A is providing health, life, and property insurance plans and facilities to its customers. The company has 103.5 billion euros of revenue in 2019.


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