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The best platform for short videos for India as well as Pakistan 2022

Hey, guys! I hope that you are all well. Here's me Fani returning with a brand new and up-to-date article on the best Short Video Platform in India and Pakistan 2022.

Today, in this article we will talk about the top 5 videography platform that you can use to make your own videos.

The best platform for short videos for India as well as Pakistan 2022

1. Josh App

So , our first short online platform for video is Josh App. Friends Josh application is among the most popular apps in India there are over one billion users of the app. If you're making quality videos with the Josh app then you stand the chance to make a decent amount of cash through the Josh app. Friends, I'll tell you the top methods to earn money through Josh App.

1. Brand promotion.

Friends brand promotion is the most effective ways to earn money using Josh app if you've got an adequate amount of users following you on Twitter, so you can market different items through the Josh account. If you're a friend and don't know how to boost your number of users to Josh App you can comment me on the comment section. I'll create an article on the issue.

2. Marketing through affiliates

Another method of earning money through the Josh application is through affiliate marketing. Marketing friends affiliate marketing is a great alternative for people who wish to make a substantial amount of money via Joseph generally speaking, affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you are required to promote different items by putting up short videos. You then have to insert your link into the description of Josh app. If the description of Josh app. If people want to purchase, you can inform that the link is in the commit section . they'll buy the item and you'll receive a substantial commissions on the product.

If you are a friend and want to set up Josh app on your phone, you need go to Google Play store and have to look for Josh app. Once you have found it, you can install this application on your phone.

2. MX Takatak

Our second most popular short video player is MX Takatak. Friends MX Takatak is among the top downloaded video players among the Indian people. MX Takatak also has about 2 billion downloads across India as we all already know. Basha is also pushing the app, which is because it is the most popular small video player. If you are interested in installing MX takatak , you can go to Google Play store and you are able to install this application onto your mobile phone.

Friends, you can also earn money through MX Takatak's short video platform that focuses on affiliate marketing and branding promotion. Both are the most effective methods to earn cash from the MX Takatak app.

3. Reel from Instagram

The 3rd most watched shorts video platforms can be found on Instagram reels. Friends Instagram really is one of the most popular reles apps around the globe. People all across the globe create Wheels on Instagram Instagram has added this feature to Indian users. We can also make reels on Instagram and upload them in order to become popular on Instagram it is essential to create daily 2 or 3 reles to your Instagram and the chances of being viral with your posts is very up and your video be viewed by millions of people. You are all aware that Instagram has over 1 billion downloads around the globe. I suggest that you also create reals for Instagram in case you'd like to download Instagram on your Android mobile phone . You need to go to the Google Play store and then you are able to download Instagram using your mobile phone.

4. YouTube shorts

The 4th most viewed videos shorts platform YouTube is the 4th most popular. You are all aware that YouTube is the second most popular application on the planet and is currently YouTube is also launching an option for YouTube images within the YouTube application. If you decide to create short YouTube videos YouTube shorts, you will also earn an amount of money since YouTube offers you a 100 shorts in your Adsense account. If your reels are viewed by the masses. are eligible for this reward. Therefore, you need to create approximately 5-6 videos on your YouTube shorts platform and you will be able to get the shorts reward quickly.

5. Facebook REEL

The fifth and best medium for video includes Facebook reels. We all know, Facebook is a social media platform , and recently Facebook has launched an app feature called Facebook rally. You can utilize this feature to create video clips on Facebook. As you are aware that Facebook has between 5 and 6 billion downloads around the world. So the possibility of getting your video is high when you upload your reels video to Facebook reels.

If you wish to get the app downloaded on Facebook then go to the Google Play store. There, you will be able to download Facebook to your mobile phone. You will then have to hit the setting button within Facebook and you'll be get the option to create wheels. You can then easily add Facebook to your Facebook application.

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